Choosing The Right Solar Contractor

experience matters

 PE Solar is chosen nearly 5:1 over our average solar competitor.  PE Solar knows quality and the cost to deliver it the first time around.  PE Solar operates as on of the largest residential solar contractors in both AZ and FL. We have over 13 Megawatts of solar installed across both markets and with our experience and portfolio we bring multiple levels of protection that we offer our customers.  We offer an industry leading warranty, and the experience to do things right.  With over 75 million dollars in our project portfolio we have a lot of practice, and practice makes perfect. 

  Operating as a vertically integrated company, PE Solar has special team members for each and every part of the process, we have design specialist, project managers, customer service representatives, factory trained solar installers, master electricians, and our friendly Energy Consultants.  Our industry leading team of professionals insure that your solar project is handled right down to the minute detail.  

choosing the right contractor 

Since 2014 PE Solar has contracted more than 107 other solar contractors in Arizona and Florida combined.  This experience ensures that our customers end up with a top performing  system and zero risk of a low quality installation that can be costly in lost annual savings.  When it comes to solar savings, the better the design, product and install, the higher the savings.  We sadly see smaller competitors cutting corners on product, design and installation materials in an attempt to lower their bids.  These type of contracting methods hurt the solar industry and mislead customers.  Sadly, customers often realize all too late that these concessions on quality cost them tens of thousands in savings over the system life.   We hope to educate all our customers on the importance of quality when making a solar buying decision.   In solar its smart to remember, a little savings upfront can be a big red flag and cost 10x the amount in the long run.  Be sure to use a credible contractor with the experience to deliver a quality system and installation.  

our portfolio speaks for itself 


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