Making A Difference With Solar

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making a difference 

The PE Solar team experiences satisfaction day to day from our work.  We at PE Solar are very fortunate to have pride and satisfaction in knowing that each and every day we make a change for the better to our community and our environment.  Our mission as a company is to improve the lives of our customers, our employees, and our community members.  We do this by offering affordable and clean renewable energies to Arizona residents.  We save our customers money while lowering their homes carbon footprint and providing jobs for local community members.  We’re very fortunate to be a part of this movement.

helping the enviornment

Since 2010 PE Solar has contracted thousands of projects across Arizona creating nearly 5megawatts of renewable energy and removing a staggering amount of carbon from Arizona skies.

PE Solar systems already installed in Arizona offset enough carbon emissions in Arizona equivalent to:

Planting 1.3 million trees.

Removing  32 million miles of driving distance or nearly 3000 cars from the road

Avoiding over 9,000 tons or 18 million pounds of coal being burned

*Assumptions, 30 year system life, -5% degradation

help the local economy 

As a proud member of AZ Local First, PE Solar is committed to employing local community members and purchasing supplies from local businesses.   As a Local First member PE Solar uses local vendors and suppliers to fulfill purchase orders and redistribute wealth throughout the community.  Based on a well know Local Works Study , every $100 spent using a local business  will result in $73 staying in the community, where as only $43 would stay if using a non-local business.   By this account, PE Solar has proudly generated over $13 million in economic activity in Phoenix since 2010.

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