Owning Solar VS Leasing

PE Solar has proudly never offered a solar lease to our customers.  We at PE Solar do not believe in solar leasing option due to the tremendous benefits of owning a system over leasing.  In fact, we are so proud of our solar sales program we made a special video to outline the key benefits of owning solar over leasing.  We hope you enjoy. 

benefits of owning solar vs leasing 


Insulation Upgrades

PE SOLAR knows its insulation, our crews have installed over 1.3 million square feet of insulation in thousands of Arizona homes.  We love a good attic to crawl around in and enjoy seeing the tremendo...

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Choosing The Right Solar Contractor

experience matters  PE Solar is chosen nearly 5:1 over our average solar competitor.  PE Solar knows quality and the cost to deliver it the first time around.  PE Solar operates as on of the lar...

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Solar Panels

Solar Electric panels  When it comes to Going Green there are truly very few home improvements that can out weigh the benefits of solar panels. The Suns light is the greatest renewable source of...

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5 Reasons To Go Solar

solar tax credits, act before its too late EnvironmentThe greatest motivation for going solar is going to be environmental impact. Before discussing any of the monetary advantage...

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Making A Difference With Solar

making a difference  The PE Solar team experiences satisfaction day to day from our work.  We at PE Solar are very fortunate to have pride and satisfaction in knowing that each and every day we ...

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Energy Audits

why energy audit?  Why order an energy audit?  The average home can lose efficiency from countless areas of the home, wasting energy and money.  Just as high miles can take their toll on your ca...

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