Thermal Imaging

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thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging is known as Thermography which is a process that measures surface temperature by using infrared and still cameras. A thermal imaging camera works by sensing and displaying the heat spectrum in its pathway. It will effectively display hot and cold spots in the home so they can be addressed.

Importance of Thermography in the Audit

Thermal imaging gives the auditor the ability to view the thermal breaks in the home in a matter of seconds. The auditors can pass the camera across walls in the home; the resulting image will display a color spectrum ranging from blue to red, red being the hot zones. The resulting information allows the auditor to instantly identify red zones in the home as heat transfers. Auditors using thermographic measurements can then make recommendations for insulation improvements to the homeowners.
These improvements will stop air from convecting in the walls, which allows the heat to rapidly pass in or out of the home causing losses in energy and the hot zones identified. Identifying these spots without thermal imaging is very difficult and nearly impossible because we cannot see into walls.

THERMAL imaging for insulation 

Thermal imaging highlights problem areas, these problem areas often require very little work to correct. In the world of Home Performance a ¼” can be a mile, insulation that has settled over the year or fallen out of place away from the specified air barrier can contribute to rapid energy losses. For Example, an R-30 fiberglass batten insulation can degrade to as little as R-8 due to a ¼ gap between the air barrier.
While this is an incredibly common occurrence, without thermal imaging these losses are often not identified and homeowners are left wasting energy.

thermal imaging for attic sealing 

Just as thermal imaging can reveal lapses in insulation in walls and attic space, it can reveal leaks in the homes air barrier separating the living spaces from the attic. Thermography can detect even the littlest leaks in the ceiling; including can lights, Ceiling fans, light switches and even air registers. Every home has these leaks, and some more than others. By detecting them, the auditor can make recommendations on how to make the home more efficient.
Thermal imaging for Shade Screens
Another benefit of thermal imaging is its ability to identify temperature differences leading to Fenestration, which is the term used to describe heat gain or loss through doors and windows. Because homes are placed at different elevations in relation the sun, a home’s windows and door will have different exposures to solar radiant heat. Thermography will help identify which doors or windows will benefit the most from shading or solar screens. Cutting down solar heat from entering the home will always contribute to energy saving in the summer months.


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