Tier 1 Manufactures

using a Tier 1 Manufacturer? Is That Important?


Tier 1 is a term that is starting to see wide circulation throughout the solar industry. Solar sales representatives and companies state, without hesitation, that they use only the highest quality Tier 1 panels. 

Unfortunately, most companies use this term incorrectly, and the result is not only a misinformed public, but also a mislead client who thinks they have purchased something that they, in fact, have not.

Tier 1 is actually a reflection on the financial standing of the manufacturer of a panel. This designation is given to manufacturers based on how many large, bank-funded projects their products have been used on. 

Tier 1 have the follow common factors:

  • Vertical integration
  • Heavily invested in research and devp.
  • Highly automated manufacturing techniques
  • A minimum of 5 year history producing solar 

As we all know, banks are not in the business of taking risks. To the contrary, a bank only makes an investment in those things that it deems to be safe and to the bank’s advantage. They give loans based on their calculation of the likelihood of their money being returned. They invest based on their calculations of their money growing rather than being lost. 

And, they only fund projects that they believe will stand the test of time. Manufacturers who produce low-quality solar panels do not see their panels used on large, bank-funded projects. Instead, these projects are awarded only to those manufacturers who produce products of the highest possible quality.

If a sales rep tells you that you are buying Tier 1 solar panels, ask to see the documentation that backs up that claim.  PE Solar always recommends Tier 1 panels to our customers.


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