Warranty and Service

The PE Solar Difference 

PE Solar proudly offers an industry leading 5 year warranty on all products, services and installations. By offering 5 years of protection to our customers in an industry that averages 2 we illustrate our commitment to exceptional quality and service.  In the first 5 years following your installation PE Solar will assist in the repair or replacement of any and all major system components or installation defects.  Just pick up the phone and our friendly service dept will schedule service asap.  Headache free. 

 In addition to our industry leading 5 year warranty PE Solar carries all necessary insurance converges including workers compensation and general liability coverage to ensure your covered.  


Warranties vary depending on the component of a solar energy system. In general, a 25 year panel warranty paired with a 10 year inverter warranty is the industry standard. 

Solar Panel Warranties

Solar panels are a large portion of the cost of your solar system and you’re going to want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your panels are covered against faults and defects for a very long time. PE Solar recommends choosing a panel with a 25-year warranties from a tier 1 manufacturer.

Your solar energy system is going to be a part of your house for much of the rest of its life; in many cases, long after you’ve moved on. Panels are complicated to mount and defective panels can have a wide variety of impacts to your home’s overall energy production. A solid warranty will ensure that the savings gained by your solar energy system are not lost on replacing solar panels.

Power Inverter Warranties

Your power inverter is under a constant load as it works to convert energy from your panels into energy to be used by your household appliances and devices. Therefore a top-quality power inverter is a must for any solar home.

Warranties for power inverters can range from 2 years up to 10 years or more.

Installation, Workmanship, and Other Warranties

Not only do you want manufacturers who will stand behind their work, you want installers who are confident enough in the quality of their work that they will warranty it for long after the last pair of boots leaves your roof.

PE Solar warranties our work for 5 years to ensure that you have the peace of mind of knowing that the work done on your home was completed by professionals who are second to none.   While most of our competitors only offer 2 years and the state only requires 2, we pride ourselves on exceeding the competition in quality and service. 


WARRANTIES, DISCLAIMERS AND GUARANTEES:  PE expressly warrants minor system components for a period of five (5) years and major system components for a period of five (5) years, or as designated by the product manufacturer.  PE shall supply to Owner a written statement detailing performance data and components information for the solar system installed, in accordance with A.R.S.§ 44-1762.  Prior to commencement of the Work, PE shall designate in the final construction drawings the area[s] where the Work shall be performed, including the area[s] over which PE and/or its subcontractors must ingress and egress to access the area[s] where the Work will be performed.  Owner waives any claims arising out of roof defects or leaks located outside this designated area.  Owner waives any claims against PE arising out of pre-existing roof defects or leaks. All warranties shall be voided ifOwner or a third party modifies PE’s work or the products installed by PE in any manner. Owner is solely responsible for securing the system, products, or other materials from theft or damage prior to completion. Owner is solely responsible for ensuring compliance with any applicable restrictions or requirements of their HOA, and any fines that may be imposed. Owner is advised to notify their insurance company immediately upon execution of this Contract of the solar system being installed and secure insurance coverage for the system.  PE guarantees that the Work, when completed, will pass inspection by the applicable state agency or body.  PE makes no guarantee of a specific tax benefit to Owner in connection with the installation of the solar system, and PE recommends that Owner hire a licensed accountant or tax attorney to determine the tax implications of the installation.  PE makes no guarantees regarding the processing of any rebates in connection with the installation of the solar system.  This warranty may be transferred or assigned to a third party at PE discretion.  Owner may transfer this warranty to a new owner within 60 days of a transfer of ownership as long as the new owner pays for a system inspection to verify the system has not been modified and is still in working order

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